Hailing from Philadelphia, Michael Pipitone, known under the moniker Architekt; Rises from a molten heap of metal, hardcore and furious bass. His origin began behind the drum-kit, playing the backbeat for various heavy metal/hardcore acts in the the mid 2000s era. He emerged from this scene, driven by a newfound love for electronic music, gravitating towards dubstep & heavy bass production. His formative years were marked with successful performances at various festivals & venues, supporting some of the largest names in bass music. Architekt continues to deliver punishing productions, marked by his signature sound of monstrous growls, compelling sound design, & haunting soundscapes. His releases have been showcased on Impossible Records as well as UltraG, & Crowsnest. As his following grows, Architekt shows no signs of backing down from cranking out innovative, otherworldly masterpieces. With his energetic, yet foreboding original sound, undoubtedly, Architekt will soon be captivating the likes of bass heads around the world for his extraordinary musical endeavors.